"I think that studying another cinematographer's work in such detail is detrimental to personal discovery."
Roger Deakins

... so beware!

This site began as a simple collection of reference film stills to give myself a general idea of how to approach common lighting scenarios on set and on location. As the collection grew, I figured I would share it with the community as an ever-growing database of detailed breakdowns of shots by the DPs that lit them. And while I agree with Mr. Deakins' concern of over-indulgence in technical details, I find such detailed information liberating, as it lifts the veil on the mystery of film images, giving (at least) me the confidence to go at it on my own. I am deeply indebted to the generosity of the filmmakers who have shared their knowledge and experience that makes up this site and hope that it will be useful to many. I do not own any rights to the content here and will take down anything by request.

I am Misha Mazor, a DP working in the US.

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