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BIG LOVE Backyard Scene (David Mullen)

-- Spacelights for fill, 20K & Dinos on either side of stage for sunlight effect. Expose for shade, sunlight 3 stops overexposed. And rather than light the faces in the backyard scenes with extra units (other than the overhead space lights), use large/small bounce cards from low to just reflect some of the "sun" back into the faces
-- devise ability to have not only a day & a night look, but also different times of the day by gelling the sunlight CTO & using more blue spacelights
-- when seen from indoors, background cyc/trees should be overexposed by more than 2 stops by spotting all my lights on bushes, grass, the backing, etc
-- 250 spacelights, Tungsten, every 3rd with 1/2 blue, blues wired separately for control
-- fan behind trees, tele lenses for less focus on BG

The only problem I see is getting sick of the "sun" always backlighting a scene in every angle... yesterday I tried shooting the reverse angle in front light with just a single 20K for a crisp hard sunlight look. Seemed to work fine but there are limits to shooting in frontal hard light with a cast that I'm supposed to make look good all the time. I could go for an overcast look I suppose, with just the cool overhead spacelights on, but these scenes are intercut with scenes shot outside in the California sun, faked for sunny Utah. So sunny seems to be the right look for the interiors.

Dinos over top of house doing a strong backlight.
Fill in faces like you're outside-- bounce with Day Blue card.

Spacelights doing the fill, 1/2 CTO on Dinos, Long lens helps, High Contrast does most of the work, make backlight as hot as possible:
-- for some shots, did a high noon efx using a 20K on condor with articulating arm.
20K thru porch roof, flagged/diffused off her, filled from low


5K Tungsten thru cutout in 12x12 painting of sky:
2K Fresnel hung on tree branch + lite diffusion on camera to hide fixture:
5K PAR on a disguised stand:
5K on ground, tungsten Kinos on ceiling for ambience, light on tombstone & back of man:

(ACM June 2012)

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