Jennifer's Body


lit from frame right by a tungsten lamp coming through the window above the bed, through a diffusion frame (not that scene was supposed to be lit by the window, just that the opening was convenient to shine the light through.) Everything has 1¼ CTO on it:

The bed was difficult to light because it was set into a window box alcove with a low sloped roof above it. For angles looking straight at the bed, I opted to cut an opening in the alcove roof (advantage of being on a set) and hide a half-dome light up there for a soft toplight: (There is a little 400w softlight next to it that fades up at one moment to highlight a darker corner of the bed where someone’s head ends up, just to keep things from getting too underexposed)

More stills from the film:
Night INT
Night EXT

Source: – Ask David Mullen ANYTHING

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