O Brother Where Art Thou


The lamp is the only source. It probably has a 250 watt bulb in it and is down on a dimmer to create some warmth. The brightness of the near side of the glass would have been sprayed black to avoid any flare from such a bright source. I doubt I would have changed anything from the wide to the closer shots.

the stage was lit using a bank of 45 Tweenies to give a soft but directional light which is focused on the stage and off the audience entirely. I used a similar rig for the movie theater on 'Jarhead'. On neither case did I have more than a 18" of headroom to work with.

There was a strip of 'mushroom' bulbs just above that practical you see hanging in the doorway. I probably used 5 globes with a 300 watt in the center and 4 x 150s outside of it. The lamps were dimmed to get that bit of warmth. the windows were probably lit with Tweenies hitting some 216 diffusion. That was everything.


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